Porcelain Wood Tile

Porcelain Wood Tile

Porcelain Wood Tile at Unbeatable Prices

  • Porcelain Wood Tile Starting At $1.49 s.f.
  • Special Financing Available: 0% Interest for 6-15 months!
  • Over 20 Colors In Stock and Over 100 to choose from
  • Over 200,000 s.f. of Porcelain Wood Tiles In Stock

Homeowners, contractors, installers, investors and flippers in Phoenix come to us for wholesale and discounted prices on porcelain wood tile! View a sample of available styles and colors that we have in stock below.

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Wholesale Porcelain Wood Tiles:

Wood look tile flooring has become one of the hottest trends in the flooring industry today. With the advancements in manufacturing processes, porcelain tile that looks like natural wood is being used in projects large and small. No longer limited to traditional sizes, tile can now be manufactured in what are called planks, or tiles that are rectangular in shape.

What is Wood Look Tile Flooring?

So, what is wood look tile flooring? As you may have guessed, it is quite simply porcelain tile that looks like wood. In fact many of these products look so real that to the naked eye it’s nearly impossible to know that what you’re seeing is not real wood. Thanks to advancements in technology and manufacturing processes, this tile flooring contains a level of detail not previously possible. Detail so innovative and precise that these products can mirror the look and feel of a hand scraped wood floor.
Performance and Durability

Art of Tuscany wood look tile flooring products are designed with a focus on performance and durability which makes them perfect for any room and they can be used in commercial or residential projects. Unlike wood, porcelain wood look tile can be used in wet areas including kitchens and bathrooms. There are other benefits too. Porcelain tile is easier to clean and maintain than real wood and thanks to sophisticated manufacturing techniques are durable enough for long lasting enjoyment. Additionally all the wood look tile products at Art of Tuscany are Certified Porcelain Tile meaning they’ve been certified by the Porcelain Tile Certification Agency.

Art of Tuscany offers a vast selection of wood look tile that meets the diverse needs of our customers. Whether contemporary, rustic, traditional or modern, the Art of Tuscany wood look tile collection has products that will fulfill your most creative designs. When you combine the style with the wide range of available colors and sizes, the design opportunities are almost endless.

Porcelain Wood Tiles Currently In Stock

Aspenwood Amber
Aspenwood Amber 9×48(M)
Aspenwood Artic
Aspenwood Artic 9×48(M)
Aspenwood Ash
Aspenwood Ash 9×48(M)
Aspenwood Cafe
Aspenwood Cafe 9×48(M)
Teak Botanica
Botanica Teak 6×24 or 6×36(M)
Cashew Botanica
Botanica Cashew 6×24 or 6×36(M)
Capella Ash
Capella Ash 6×40(M)
Capella Birch
Capella Birch 6×40(M)
Capella Java
Capella Java 6×40(M)
Capella Stable
Capella Stable 6×40(M)
Forest Natural
Forest Natural 3pc-Pattern(M)
Palmetto Chestnut
Palmetto Chestnut 6×36(M)
Palmetto Fog
Palmetto Fog 6×36(M)
Palmetto Smoke
Palmetto Smoke 6×36(M)
Palmetto Walnut
Palmetto Walnut 6×36(M)
Salvage Brown
Salvage Brown 6×40(M)
Salvage Honey
Salvage Honey 6×40(M)
Salvage Musk
Salvage Musk 6×40(M)
Salvage Red
Salvage Red 6×40(M)
Barrel Branch
Barrel Branch 8×48(B)
Barrel Harvest
Barrel Harvest 8×48(B)
Barrel Vine
Barrel Vine 8×48(B)
Betulla 8×36(B)
Cilegia 8×36(B)
Noce 8×36(B)
Riverwood Blanc
Riverwood Blanc 8×36(B)
Riverwood Oak
Riverwood Oak 8×36(B)
Riverwood Taupe
Riverwood Taupe 8×36(B)
Riverwood Walnut
Riverwood Walnut 8×36(B)
Vintage Alabaster
Vintage Alabaster 8×36(B)
Vintage Black Oak
Vintage Black Oak 8×36(B)
Vintage Camel
Vintage Camel 8×36(B)
Vintage Silver
Vintage silver 8×36(B)
Vintage Walnut
Vintage Walnut 8×36(B)